Happy Go Fuck Yourself

Been waiting for this moment ever since Viserys died.

Yet, having mixed feelings about it, knowing the accusation.


Brock Berrigan and a cup of coffee.

My afternoon I guess.

The moment when you really like a woman, but you know that you’ll never be with her.

So fuck it, I’m playing Dark Souls 2.

Well just noticed….I became a smoker. Mainly because I don’t have the confidence to kill myself at this minute.

Red are the roses, blue is the sea….I’m Mr. Meeseeks, look at me!

Been feeling alone lately.

Really tired of laying on my bed, looking to the left of me and my significant other not being there. I know that this is something I should worry about, but the feeling just sucks.

So much.

Honestly if I ever met my past self (16-17 yrs), I would honestly tell myself that I am a huge, naive, slut shaming, flaming rat bastard. Then punch my past self in the face. Then proceed to punch myself in the face for being that way back then.

It’s just good to see that I grew out of all of that. The only thing that hasn’t changed about me is my dislike for people in general, but I have my reasons and they are sensible. Also yes, I do acknowledge that good folk exist.

Irrational Games is shutting down……and just like that 2014 sucks.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m just drinking tea.